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Sweet Potato Chips Deep Fryer Banana Chips Production Line French Fries Frying Machine

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It is automatic feeding, mixing and out of the fried.Automatically feeding and slip out the food, it can reduce the labor intensity  and improve the gradt of the products. Automatic mxiing in the process can improve the products quality.

(electric )
Mesh belt width

Features & Advantages:

1.Electricity, LNG or diesel, and also electromagnetism as power source
2.Conveyor belt speed is adjustable for different frying time according to different products
3.Automatic lifting system for easy cleaning the machine and save human power
4.Oil level alarm and automatic oil temperature control (0-300°C)
5.Oil circulation system to continuously filter oil residue and extend the service life of cooking
6.Double belt design to prevent floating, ensure complete and perfect frying effect
7.Scrapers fixed on the belt to make the products come out easily
8.Fire-extinguishing system, oil refined filtration device can be added according to your demand
9.PLC touch screen control panel
10.Unique inner structure with proprietary technology, energy saving, quick heating.

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